Terms and Conditions

1. We offer an initial visit to the Client free of charge in order to establish requirements and to ensure both parties are happy to proceed with the booking.

2. Our rates and payment terms are as detailed on our prices page. Please note that on Bank holidays and over Christmas and the New Year our charges carry a premium.

3. If we need to collect and/or deliver your pet outside of a two mile radius of Winscombe a mileage fee of 48p per mile will be charged.

4. Dogs for Boarding should be delivered no earlier than 9am and collected on the day of going home between 9 and 10am. Additional charges apply as follows after 10am. £5 per dog per half hour (or part thereof.)

5. Any cancellation of scheduled bookings must be advised by the Client at least 24 hours in advance. Charges will apply if less than 24 hours notice is given by the Client. Muddy Paws reserves the right to withdraw from offering its services by giving a reasonable  amount of notice.

6. Clients will be asked to complete a pet information form and/or home boarding form and confirm all details are correct.

7. Clients will be asked to provide an up–to- date veterinary record for their pet and confirm that it is registered with a recognised veterinary practice and has no infectious diseases. We will not offer our services to a Client whose pet may be contagious.

8. We cannot accept any responsibility for any unspayed bitch becoming pregnant whilst in our care nor can we accept responsibility if a dog in our care impregnates an unspayed bitch.

9. Clients will be asked to provide emergency contact details. If we are unable to contact the owner in the event of and/or a concern about  a pet’s health, we reserve the right to contact the emergency contact and request decisions in regard to appropriate action.

10. We will honour all confirmed bookings unless exceptional circumstances arise such as adverse weather conditions (in which case we will advise the Client as soon as possible).

11. We cannot accept any liability for the loss of or injury to a pet.

12. Clients are responsible for insuring their pet and providing lead(s), collar(s) and/harness(es) and up-to-date dog tag.

13. By signing the Muddy Paws T&Cs the clients agree to:

  • their dogs being walked with dogs from different families (unless client states otherwise)

  • advise us in advance if their pets are not well behaved and socialised

  • confirm that their dogs can safely be let off a lead whilst walking and will respond to a recall. Muddy Paws takes no responsibility if a dog does not respond to a recall

  • Muddy Paws using photographs of their pets on its website and on appropriate social media. Neither the name of the pet nor its owner will be included without the Client’s permission

  • advise us of any behavioural and/or health problems that may make a pet unsuitable for walking and/or home boarding. This includes aggression, lack of house training, excessive loud barking, continuous humping and/or possessive behaviour, whining, scratching at doors. Failure to disclose unsuitability for walking and/or home boarding will be deemed a material omission amounting to a breach of our agreement


14. Dog boarding:

  • No pet will be left unattended for longer than three hours

  • If your pet shows any aggressive tendencies and/or behaviour that we cannot reasonably be expected to control (see 13 above) we will contact your emergency contact to arrange for your pet to be collected. If we are unable to contact your emergency contact we reserve the right to arrange for alternative housing in a local kennels. In this event the Client will be responsible for kennel bills

  • When arriving for boarding please ensure all bedding/toys etc provided are clean and have been given anti-flea treatment. Full details  are included in our Home Boarding form which Clients must complete 

  • We will put an identity tag on each pet boarding with Muddy Paws

  • Payments for dog boarding will apply as from the day of arrival

  • We will require written details of feeding protocol and any medical treatment required for your pet whilst boarding with us 


15. All Muddy Paws services are invoiced and terms indicated on the invoice. We reserve the right to charge interest on any unpaid invoice.

16. To comply with Legal requirements no information you provide to us will be shared with a third party. All paper forms will be secured in a locked cabinet. If you ask us to destroy any paper records, this will be undertaken with immediate effect. Your phone number is kept on our phone in case of emergency and /or we need to make contact in relation to your pet. Keys needed to access properties are labelled with no personal information and returned when the service is no longer required